Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Exciting News For Optimists

Depressing News for Pessimists

I started this weblog exactly two years ago, and it’s given me a lot of pleasure to share all this odd stuff with the world even though, for the first six months at least, there was very little evidence that anyone else in the world was watching.

Over time, however, the blog gathered momentum and a fair few followers, and it felt a very worthwhile activity, a sort of online scrapbook, a way of recording some of my daft obsessions and passing phases in an almost therapeutic way. But despite your support and some great comments, standard blogging remains an essentially solo activity, and it requires the individual to be motivated and excited and brimming with ideas they want to communicate. For me, my motivation, excitement and ideas now all focus on ‘Island Of Terror’, my other blog, so I will be suspending this blog and moving all activity over to there.

If you currently follow this blog, or look in occasionally, it would be great if you would bookmark or follow ‘Island Of Terror’ instead. It’s less general, or rather more specific, but I’m still behind every post, so you can expect a similar approach and some familiar subject matter: I’m too old to change.

Thanks to everyone that ever read this blog and liked it, special thanks to people who read it regularly. I don’t see this as a funeral, I see it as wedding announcement, a merger, much in the same way that Valiant merged with Vulcan, Battle merged with Action, 2000AD merged with Starlord, then Tornado (well, maybe not Tornado, it was rubbish).

All content will remain here for future generations of nerds, and all links will, I hope, remain live. Let me know if they don’t. Thanks again, and I hope to see you on The Island.

Paul Bareham (aka Ray Wittering)

To see us out, a stone cold fucking classic, and that's swearing.


Ben said...

Paul, I love Unmann-Wittering Blog, and I love Island of Terror too. I will track you down wherever you go!

keith Seatman said...

Been doing both for a while now. Where would I be without The many moods of Jason King. On my way to the Island now.

King Modulator said...


this was actually the first blog (ever!) I came back to for seconds
& you've never let me down. it's also been the gateway to many, many great things - the marvellous Toys & Techniques and Found Objects included.

still, the only constant in life is change so I'll be packing my bags & joining the exodus to the Island of Terror. any landmass where one can encounter wild packs of Valerie Leons roaming unfettered & free is fine by me...


Fearlono said...

After reading this shocking announcement, I watched the Xanadu video through floods of tears* (*sorry, that should read "beers").
Don't forget to pack Freddie F***ing Jones in your suitcase; hope to see him roaming the Island where he belongs.

Watch the skies this evening; I shall prepare a pyre of irradiated cattle in your honour.

dispo said...

Surprising, confusing news. Surprising, confusing world. I'm hoisting the sails, will reach the island at dawn if the wind stays like this. (Your new blog's name is just too perfect for this occasion. All these nautical metaphors... wait a moment: you've planned this!)

SpeckledWood said...

It'll be sad to leave the wonderful and frightening world of Unmann-Wittering. Though maybe not the endless Robert Hartford-Davis film reviews, there are small mercies in everything I suppose.

This has been a very unique and special blog. Really one of the best out there. It's been a fiery and curious brew at times but one I've acquired a definite taste for. The Island does have a very tough act to follow, though I'm sure it will turn out to be a place of equally strange wonders and beauties.

I have to say bit harsh on Tornado though. A noble and worthy comic in its brief life (apart from Big E, very daft idea that).

Between Channels said...

I await obscure British character actors at the Island with a sense of trepidation and intense fear. But in a good way.

Bollops said...

I will be there in the wink of an eye. Prepare a landing space for my gyrocopter!

GeorgeKramer said...

Sorry I haven't visited in a while. I'll have a skeg at t'other blog.

Thanks for the memories.