Sunday, 23 January 2011

Megaton Music

We will return to Twemlowville in the future but, for now, it is time to leave. Before we jump in the Jag and put our foot down, however, there's just time to sample some more of Cliff's library music.

Recorded under the pseudonym 'Peter Reno' for the historic and distinguished De Wolfe music library, the three tracks presented here are not particularly stylistically diverse but they do showcase Cliff's skill with a crunching tune and a funky arrangement.

Perfect soundtrack music for chasing down a lead, preventing an assassination, beating up a suspect, entering a nightclub or simply loading up guns and preparing yourself for a suicide mission.

Here's 'Megaton', 'Hard Crust' and 'Bora'. Great stuff.

Oh, and before we motor, here's the trailer for the 1988 Twemsploitation film 'Eye Of Satan'. I've never seen the film, and that makes me feel sad and empty. No wonder I drink so much Malibu.

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