Saturday, 11 December 2010

Primitive Film, Sophisticated Music

Two of the things I love most in this stupid world are Trunk Records and the music of Basil Kirchin so you can imagine my excitement when Trunk Records release another album of Basil Kirchin music.

Just out is the previously unreleased music to 'Primitive London', backed with the score for the obscure but rather good 1971 Ian McShane thriller  'Freelance'.

Basil really was a musical genius, and every track on the LP thrills the ear with its odd noises, beautiful melodies and startling arrangements, so you need to go and get the LP (if there are any left) or CD from Ye Olde New Trunk Shoppe here.

Here's a little sampler of tracks from 'Primitive London' to give you a feel for what you're currently missing.

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Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for this man's genius. Love Basil to bits.