Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm sick and weary of being alone

I'm not glad that Richard & Linda Thompson had an unhappy marriage, but the melancholic, yearning songs inspired by their complex relationship are some of the most beautiful ever made.

Here's a stripped down version of 'A Heart Needs A Home' from their third album 'Hokey Pokey '. It has a slightly abrupt ending, but you take what you can get when it's not your stuff.

Two confessions to make: when I originally saw this clip, I unconsciously reached out to touch Linda's face during the second verse because she looked so vulnerable and I loved her and wanted to make it right. Secondly, this basic performance, one guitar, two voices, makes me realise once and for all that even if I lived forever, I could never make a second of music as real and moving and heart-rending as this, and all my bleeps and samples and conceptual sound sketches are just fluff in the cosmos. &, guess what? That's actually a pretty important thing to know.


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Great post (for several reasons). Thanks for that.

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