Saturday, 20 November 2010

Toot toot, etc.

Here's a fairly obscure track which has, nevertheless, occasionally haunted my auditory cortex in the 32 years since it shot to number 60 in the charts. It's an odd little song, and it's an odd little video, especially the long shot of people just standing around. Credited solely to Wings, it's still clear who's calling the shots in the band: when Paul dances, Denny & Linda dance, Linda moving in the stiff but utterly guileless way that always outed her as someone without a musical bone in her body. Why Macca? Why now? Drop back at midnight and you'll find out.


Sofa Head said...

Ha! You're right about poor old Linda. She looks like she's having teeth pulled. Puts me in mind of the old John Cooper Clarke line "I'm freezing, Charlie, haven't you finished yet?" from 'Readers Wives'.

I miss the days when promo videos were this crappy, before the MTV coke-heads and "edgy" directors took over. Is that Victor Spinetti behind the greasepaint as 'The Actor'?

Unmann-Wittering said...

It is Victor, yes. I miss the crappy videos too, they always looked like they were made up on the spot. Glad you liked the mix, too.

Paul said...

Maybe the closeup on the flautist during the horn passage is intentional. Maybe the closeup on Laine's acoustic guitar during the electric guitar solo is also intentional. Maybe this is surrealism; but maybe not.