Sunday, 21 November 2010

Thumbs aloft

I'm not a massive Paul McCartney fan, but neither am I someone that crosses through his face in the Encyclopedia Of Pop & Rock with a red marker pen just because he did that song with frogs on it.

A couple of years ago, there was a discussion on Very Good Plus about whether the post-Beatles McCartney had anything to offer the world and a number of tracks were put forward as evidence that although the last forty years of Macca may not have been consistently brilliant, they were far from wasted.

So, since then, I've been pottering about trying to buy McCartney and Wings LP's and singles really cheaply, in the hope of eventually accumulating enough to make a decent compilation. In August, in Leigh On Sea, I completed my quest in a British Heart Foundation shop, snagging virtually unplayed copies of 'London Town' and 'Back To The Egg' for the princely sum of £1.00 each.

Here, dear reader, is the finished article, a one hour and 17 minute mix of the best bits from a long career that's often assumed to be mostly chaff. I call it 'Pukka Macca', and you can download it here. Tracklisting in comments.

The original artwork is by the very talented (and fantastically moustachioed) Joseph Blakey, aka Pencilface. I think it's marvellous, especially the deck shoes.


Unmann-Wittering said...

Track listing:

Check My Machine
Mumbo Link
Oo You
Frozen Jap
Cuff Link
Backwards Traveller
The Broadcast
Single Pigeon
Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
Old Siam Sir
Temporary Secretary
Zoo Gang
Love Is Strange
Get On The Right Thing
Coming Up
Bop Bop Line / Hot As Sunglasses (Excerpt)
Dear Friend
Lunch Box / Odd Sox
Momma Miss America
Morse Moose & The Grey Goose
Maybe I'm Amazed
Ram On (by Percy Thrillington)

Sofa Head said...

Thanks. I'm really loving this mix. Macca did the musical equivalent of walking on the moon (not the dire song by Sting and chums) in the early part of his working life. He hasn't done too bad a job of having a "normal" career since. If it were possible to ignore the Beatles stuff I'm sure he would have received greater acclaim for his work outside of that group. Then again, he needs shooting for 'Ebony And Ivory'. And for those tank tops.

rabbitkrishna said...

I'll check out your mix, I'm not a big Paul guy though. I find a lot of his music to be absolutely horrific. I saw 'Hey Jude' was #1 on iTune sales. I also saw the reason for the big mark up in price for Beatles songs according to Yoko and Paul is that money will go to saving the environment. Yeah right.

Between Channels said...

Brilliant stuff. I have a weakness for the Macca solo back catalogue, especially 'McCartney' and 'McCartney II'. I will whistle the organ solo from 'Hot as Sun' in celebration as I wait for the download.