Thursday, 18 November 2010

Delia, My Dear

Shown on Monday in the Midlands, this short piece about Dame Delia Derbyshire is surely worthy of a wider audience. It's the first colour footage I've ever seen of her. Shame there's no sound, and she's clearly not well, but I like her hat.



dispo said...

Thanks for sharing!
Have you seen the Canadian short documentary The Delian Mode by Kara Blake? She used (more) excerpts from the same interview that was presented here as unheard (the presenter here loves superlatives, doesn't he) and there is also some (other) color footage in it. I just watched it last night, it's definitely worth it. They sell the dvd for cheap on their website:

Now I hope for the comprehensive (8x12"?) edition of those famous attic tapes.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Great, I'll check that out. Thanks very much, Dispo. I love Delia very much, but you're right - Stuart Maconie can't help but hype.

Anonymous said...

When you watch this video there appears this scene at 5:50 minutes with all these Egyptian clips and beautiful music. Do you have any information what it is?

I would greatly appreciate all information.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Try here -
'Tutankhamun's Egypt'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sadly the link does not work but i thought it was something related to 'Tutankhamun's Egypt' but it surely is a mystery what this Egyptian film is in the background of the music.