Monday, 18 October 2010

You're a bad dog, baby

By the mid-70's, Tom was no longer at the height of his late sixties hip swivelling powers. Noticeably broader in the beam, thicker in the voice and stompier of the foot, his performances from this time are always professional and entertaining, but lack the energy and nuances of his late sixties peak. In this clip he seems to have borrowed a few moves from his friend Elvis Presley, who, ironically, had stolen liberally from Tom a few years earlier as he sought to revive his own career.

Another problem is the material: by now, people rarely wrote for Tom - he simply sang whatever come along, like Gilbert O'Sullivan's ultimately rather crappy 'Get Down'. It's okay, it's even quite good fun, but it's just not Tom Jones quality.


burkesworks said...

Weren't Tom and Gilbert O'Sullivan both managed by Gordon Mills at the time? I daresay that would explain this rather ill-chosen cover.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Good point, quite correct: shame that so many of his other choices at this time still defy explanation!