Thursday, 21 October 2010

Unpleasant Proposal

It's hard to believe, but David Bowie is thirty years old and drug free in this not great video for a not great song from his 1977 album, 'Low'. I'm sure there's some elaborate conceptual reason why Bowie is dressed like Quentin Crisp on a cruise and keeps pursing his lips like he's suffering from irritable bowel syndrome but I can't quite work out what it is. All I do know is that the chance of him getting married using this approach is very slim indeed.


rabbitkrishna said...

The guitar wanking is out of sync, check out this Lou Reed video.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Unmann and I were talking the other day about Lou Reed and all those bizarre records he made in the 80's. 'Mistrial' was a real favourite, as I remember, but there were so many other dodgy moments.