Friday, 15 October 2010

Open the door and see all the people

Wolf People have a new album, their debut, out this week called 'Steeples'. I'm not prone to hyperbole about rock bands, particularly new ones, but this is one of the best records I've heard all year and you need to get it.

The young and hairy group have created a brilliant 21st century blend of all that's best about classic rock, prog, folk and psych and paired it with some great songs to make a truly essential album.

Most often compared to Black Mountain, or even Jethro Tull (mainly on the strength of 'Tiny Circle's flute freak out), they are clearly their own men, but, in full flight, they remind me most of Peter Green's incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, and anyone who has ever heard the incredible 'The Green Manalishi With The Two Pronged Crown' will know how very, very cool that is.

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Between Channels said...

It's an excellent album - thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'm feeling a little bit of Dungen in their sound as well.