Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Kids get killed...don't be one

Here's the first post U-W output of our new project TOMTIT, as posted over on 'Found Objects'. 'Kids Get Killed' basically cuts twenty three minutes out of terrifying 1976 public information film 'Apaches' and reduces it to a montage of senseless, horrible death and despair with a new and original soundtrack. We did it all this weekend, and we're quite pleased with it.


Mr. Primate said...

Very spooky.

I remember when "They" showed Apaches at school quite vividly as it was one of the few PIFs that spoke directly to me at the time living in rural S Glam. Playing cowboys & indians on my best friend James' parents cattle farm was where it was at so it really struck a chord.

Col said...

Love it! Hate it! Scared of it!


PS: U-W but no Z?

Unmann-Wittering said...

Zigo died. A falling gate knocked him off his tractor and into a silage pit.

Glad you both 'like' it.