Sunday, 17 October 2010

Jones the Voice, Part Three

Not a tremendously popular feature this, it must be said but, in the bloody minded spirit of having already done the other posts and the sound files and all that as well as being slightly incredulous that nobody has downloaded the second part, here's part three, whether you want it or not. Part four will be here soon, too, and you probably won't want that either but at least that will be an end to it.

So, side two, part one: a nice and groovy version of Sam Cooke's 'Shake' kicks off the proceedings, and Tom does his whistle. I know what 'shake it like a bowl of soup' means, of course, I just don't know why it's seen as such a good thing. Try shaking a bowl of soup, you'll see it only leads to trouble. Next up is an great version of 'That Lucky Old Sun' that showcases Tom's ability to switch from cheeky chappy to impassioned balladeer over the course of a few bars.

After a well-deserved round of applause, Tom introduces his MD ('Mr. Johnny Harris') and his 'hoodlum' backing band The Squires before performing his Bond theme, 'Thunderball' - not a great song by any means, but you can't doubt the Jones boy's commitment to the cause. That segueways nicely into a casual, almost throwaway version of 'That Old Black Magic' which Tom keeps just this side of raucous. It's nice stuff, if you'll give it a chance.

Anyway, you can download it here and the very best of British to those that do.

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