Friday, 29 October 2010

HORROR WEEK: It's midnight...

The Doomwatch Beatles were formed in 1985 whilst the key members were studying at the University of Avoncaster. Living communally, the band never performed the same composition twice, and rarely recorded their performances: what archive material remains is very rare and often unfocussed and of poor audio quality.

Effectively dissolved on band leader Milton Zigo’s defection to the fledgling Unmann-Wittering group (then known as Unmann-Wittering Overdrive) in 1986. Derek Root and Colin Terhew achieved success in partnership as research scientists specialising in simian psychology. Malcolm Trimble is a successful author and media personality, writing both popular science books (‘What Do You Know?’, also a successful TV show) and horror novels (‘Monolith’, ‘The Moths’, the Bernice Van Helsing series). Milton Zigo left U-W after a poisonous few months and ultimately disappeared on a scientific expedition to Belize, and has been missing, presumed dead, since March 1998.

'Midnight In The Middle Ages' is a long improvisation inspired by paranoia inducing drugs, flickering lights and staying up for three days watching horror films and slowly beginning to think that they are real and the world is just a film set, yeah, and we're all actors but don't know it until they say 'cut', like, when we die, yeah?

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