Sunday, 31 October 2010

HORROR WEEK: Sounds horrible

Not much to say on the BBC's 'Death & Horror Sound Effects' apart from that a cassette version of it was one of my first ever pocket money purchases and I was absolutely obsessed with it.

What my parents must have thought hearing the sounds of screaming, sawing, snuffling and endless torture coming from my room night after night I can only guess at, but I grew up to be a fairly balanced and reasonable adult who only occasionally succumbs to the urge to KILL.

Two more volumes followed, and they have many merits, but this is definitely the holy grail for the horror sound afficiando.

I am particularly pleased to say that parts of this are still on a continuous loop in the chamber of horrors at Louis Tussaud's in Great Yarmouth, and have been since the early eighties. Long may they roll.

Here is a selection of horrible things from Side 2 of this seminal recording.

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King Modulator said...

a fine record - and with possibly the best album cover ever too!