Friday, 22 October 2010

Graham Crowden, R.I.P

Graham Crowden has died at the age of 87. Ridiculously tall and eccentric, Crowden cornered the market in megalomaniac doctors,
crazed academics and unhinged scientists, appearing in 'If....', 'O Lucky Man!', 'The Final Programme' and dozens of other films, TV dramas and sitcoms.

In 1974, he was first choice to replace Jon Pertwee as Dr. Who but turned it down, saying he was too busy doing other things to tie himself down to one show for so long.

Six years later, Crowden did appear in the series, but he took the short term option of playing arch villain Soldeed in 'The Horns Of Nimon', usually agreed to be one of the worst stories of the Tom Baker era. He gives a ridiculous performance, but it's quite brilliant at the same time.

Finally, here's a slightly more restrained Crowden at his sinister best in a clip from Lindsay Andersons final instalment of the Mick Travis trilogy, 'Britannia Hospital':

We shall not see his like again.

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Fearlono said...

Very sorry to learn of this, despite his ripe old age.
A classic example of a man who made anything instantly watchable, simply by being in it.

The perfect 'mad professor'; he scared me senseless in O Lucky Man, and then made me smile by leaping out of the window.