Friday, 1 October 2010

Do The Clapham

I've been watching 'Fox' of late, an ambitious 13 episode, 11 hour series from 1980 about the lives of a working class London family.

The story unfolds slowly with lots of diversions and odd little moments that only make sense later or, sometimes, stay ambiguous and unexplained, you know, just like life. Writer Trevor Preston described the show as 'The Forsyte Saga' set in Clapham and, for me, it's a milestone of British television, full of ideas and packed with talent and drive.

There's a great cast, with gimlet eyed Peter Vaughan as the Dixieland jazz obsessed patriach, King Billy, and Bernard Hill, Derrick O'Connor, Larry Lamb, Eamon Boland and Ray Winstone as his five sons, all of whom want very different things out of life.

Here's a clip from the brilliantly titled fourth episode 'It's all them psychiawhateveryoucallit books he reads' in which young boxer Kenny Fox (Winstone) has a nightmare about his last fight, which has left his opponent in a coma. Recommended to anyone with eyes and a DVD player.


Anonymous said...

I remember this series....It was great.Is it available on DVD ?

Unmann-Wittering said...

Yes, through all good real world and online retailers :)