Saturday, 23 October 2010

Broken windows and empty hallways

I have lots of favourite records, but a lot fewer favourite songs. 'I Think It's Going To Rain Today' is on that short list, a combination of words and music that I generally like in spite of who may be performing it.

An extraordinarily melancholic and reflective song with a wonderful, spare melody and enigmatic but evocative lyrics, to me it reeks of loneliness, existentialism and cynicism - which must be why it's proven to be Randy Newman's most covered song, with artists as diverse as Nina Simone, Mama Cass, Leonard Nimoy, Miss Barbara Dickson, Joe Cocker, Neil Diamond and Francoise Hardy all having a pop at it over the years. Here's Judy Collins with a somewhat static but beautifully enunciated performance.

By the way, the UB40 version is shit. No song, no matter how great, could survive that sort of treatment.

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Paul said...

Yes. A great rendition - one I did not know. I think the song works so well because it is like a hymn.