Tuesday, 14 September 2010

When The Sweet turns to sour

I've discussed my obsession with 'Love Is Like Oxygen' before. Here The Sweet are miming to it on some German TV show. They all seem a little distracted and bored, and Brian looks pasty and bloated, perhaps because of the drink problem that would lead to him leaving the group and, ultimately, would contribute to his early death. High points of a rather limp performance include Brian's haircut, and guitarist Andy Scott's snow leopard skin suit.

After Connolly left in 1978, the three piece Sweet (I know) carried on, promoting bass player Steve Priest to lead vocals and attempting a fusion of country rock, Status Quo and ELO. It doesn't quite come off with this track, with suffers from a complicated structure, a confused lyrical concept and some awful hair.

It's 1985, and The Sweet have reformed. Down to two original members, The Sweet are now in the hair metal game, all leggings and innuendo. Their hair is unspeakable and the song is not only clumsy and laboured, but has some of the worst lyrics I have ever heard, and I've heard Oasis. Not their finest hour, and the stilted interview with Aussie host Molly Meldrum tells us nothing.

At the time of writing, The Sweet are still a going concern. In fact, they're two going concerns: Andy Scott's Sweet tour the UK and Europe; Steve Priest's Sweet cover the US, a satisfactory arrangement that seems to suit everybody, including the fans.

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Paul said...

Original promo available here. I half-remember an appearance on Tiswas, which I think involved miming the song in a boat on a lake.