Friday, 17 September 2010

Sound Images

‘Sound Images’ is, apparently, quite a rare album. Jonny Trunk has one, Martin from 'A Sound Awareness' has one, a very ambitious man on the internet who wants £130 for it has one and, thanks to my good mate Keith’s car boot heroism, I have one.

The double LP, which was released in 1976, is the work of Alan Coggins and Wendy Cook, and is a series of electronic musique concrete pieces designed to be used in children’s free expression sessions, much the same as ‘The Seasons’ or the various ‘Look, Listen and Move’ records of the sixties. Where ‘Sound Images’ deviates from the template, though, is that the LP is uncompromisingly abstract, mostly relying on piercing noise and formless hums to provide a framework to stimulate young minds and bodies.

I love the record, but rarely listen to it for long: it’s best sampled in short bursts, so I've decided to share it in bits and bobs and bats as yet another endless ongoing series.

Here the first couple of random selections from this interesting obscurity, complete with extracts from the original instructions.

'Carnival': 'The musical style of the piece also seems to suggest movements of the hips, ribs and shoulders'.

'Aftermath': 'The mood is tentative and the piece progresses indeterminately'.

'Tune With Bell': 'Regular phrases and predictability give this short piece an element of comedy'.

'Sinister': 'Cymbal, synthesiser and piano combine in this piece which smacks of being "up to no good"'.

More soon, I think, assuming you feel up to it. If you can't wait, there's more here on the original post that gave me the idea and, yes, I am now reduced to stealing from myself...


A Sound Awareness said...

What a memory you have! How on earth did you remember I had a copy?

Unmann-Wittering said...

I never forget anything, apart from birthdays and anniversaries...