Thursday, 2 September 2010

Accepted by your ear as correct

'Learn To Play The Guitar' is an instructional record put together for the Castle label, featuring the picking talents of Johnny Bennett, the dry, familiar, instructional tones of J.L Ratcliff and the big brain and knob twiddling expertise of F.C Judd.

There's no date on the disc (a rather battered 10"), but the Hank Marvin signature Burns guitar on the cover would indicate that this was made after 1964, even though it seems rather old-fashioned, particularly in the basic rhythms presented, which are more Ventures than Beatles, although this may be down to Bennett and his 'ten years experience with many famous orchestras and as accompanist to many star vocalists', i.e his roots were in the 1950's.

Here's an extract from 'Introduction & Tuning', rather sensibly the first track on this fun little record.

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