Thursday, 29 July 2010

Unmann's choice: Electronica

More choice recommendations from the increasingly reclusive and hygiene obsessed Professor Dick Unmann, as barked to me through an intercom.

First up, it's 1979 and it's Robert Rental and The Normal, in a sequence taken from the documentary 'Rough Trade Live'. Ignore the crazy subtitles,but please note the suburban wasteland that this interesting and challenging music originates from, and the slightly bemused faces of the Stiff Little Fingers fans 'forced to listen to unfamiliar music'.

This blog has been most remiss in not thoroughly reflecting how much we love The Human League, especially the doomy future pop of their very earliest recordings. As part of the IOU, here they are performing 'Blind Youth'. I don't know who made this video, but I thank them. You may notice that it contrasts footage of Sheffield with clips from the Robert Rental film above to make its point.

'Dehumanisation is such a big word, it's been around since Richard the Third'. Great lyric, great group.

Finally, what sounded incredible, obscure and avant garde only a few years earlier is, by 1986, freely available to dickheads who look like B.A Robertson and Brian May's 'love' child. Such is life.

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