Monday, 5 July 2010

TOMTIT is coming

Not content with Unmann-Wittering, this blog, our mixes, full time jobs, families, pets and a hit 'Monkees' style TV show in Luxembourg, we have decided to form a new group called TOMTIT.

Full details are still emerging, but it is believed that TOMTIT will concentrate on Radiophonic style electronic music, finally giving us the opportunity to wear white lab coats while we're working.

2011 will be the International Year Of TOMTIT. In the meantime, to whet your appetite / give fair warning ridiculously early on, here's a short instructional film that may give you a flavour of where we're at.

Much more in about six months time. Unless the bomb drops, which is always a possibility, even now.


rabbitkrishna said...

They evacuated JFK today cuz of an unattended piece of luggage. Fear is always high, have a creepy day.

Reimer said...

Poor delectable dancing girls - no suspicion at all they are being cased by Tony Beckley, who will shortly be abducting them for the purpose of transmuting them into sex androids by putting big chunky resistors down their knickers ("Frigging tonight!!!!"). TOMTIT Promises much.

BTW yr Shire promo campaign got to me to the tune of six volumes, and there's a few more I shall have to get. Not only that but after buying 'em I ended up in a country pub that could seed a Shire book on rural boozers largely unchanged since about 1944.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Oh, Shire are great. I have 39 at the moment which is simultaneously ridiculous and not nearly enough.

Thanks for your TOMTIT comments - you spotted the subtext immediately, as ever.