Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Ramones: (One) Two (Three-Four)

The Ramones fourth studio LP 'Road To Ruin' was a little slicker than their previous efforts: it featured overdubs, guitar pedals, percussive effects, acoustic guitars and songs which were slightly more serious and grown up than the gloriously goofy hymns to glue sniffing, child battery and brain surgery of the past.

'She's the One' is an instant classic from the first 'yeah, yeah' to the last: a simple song of love and optimism and typical adolescent ambiguity: okay, Joey's in love, but is it a reciprocal arrangement or is he is simply admiring/stalking her from afar?

Two minutes 13 seconds of pop perfection.

Fine drums from new member, Marky; great production from ex-member, Tommy, and, good God, is that a synthesiser part?

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rabbitkrishna said...

I stumbled upon one of the Ramones bodegas deep in Brooklyn this winter. They had a signed picture on the wall and the owner told me he lived around the corner. When you live here long enough you hear stories of how Joey was always on the Subway, or about a bar where one would hang out. They were as down to Earth as they were fabulous. Great job and I love where this series is going.