Monday, 12 July 2010

Olde Worlde Weird

The latest edition of 'Sight & Sound' contains an interesting article by Rob Young called 'The Pattern under the Plough' that concentrates on films and TV that reach back into a rural, pagan British past despite, in many cases. having contemporary settings.

The productions discussed quite rightly sound like a Hauntological checklist: 'A Canterbury Tale', 'The Wicker Man', 'The Owl Service', 'Penda's Fen', etc. but there are some excellent additions to the standard menu, including Clive Donner's 'Alfred The Great' (just a weird film full stop) and tantalising mention of an obscure documentary about Morris Dancing called something like 'The Flora Faddy Furry Dance'.

Recommended reading, and there's also bits on the Serge Gainsbourg biopic, 'Tam Lin' and 'Girly'.

As a keen observer and student of modern history, though, I would like to point out that Britain never stopped (and will never stop) being weird, it just stopped being old (for now). Let's see what future generations think about what we find normal today.

I'll stop there before I start ranting about Jordan and probiotic yoghurts again.


A Sound Awareness said...

Alfred the Great, hint where all those Giallo films?

Unmann-Wittering said...

You're supposed to be on holiday! I'll sort it. Have I ever let you down before? Recently.

golem13 said...

Here's a link for the Flora Faddy Furry Dance:

Unmann-Wittering said...

Fantastic. Thanks very much.