Sunday, 27 June 2010

Unmann's choice: Jones, Davis, Wonder

My musical partner and bestest friend Dick Unmann is an intermittent presence on this weblog, and occasionally drifts off in real life too.

An enigmatic polymath, Unmann-Wittering is but one of his many projects, which range from electronics to vintage guitars to tyromancy to writing angry letters to Watchdog about the absence of James Burke on modern TV. He's a funny bloke, to be honest.

One thing we have always been of one mind on, however, is Tom Jones. We first got a feel for his oeuvre as mere teenagers, working our way through the pound bins at Andy's Records and utilising the 'buy one, get one free' offer to stretch our meagre funds even farther. Our favourite Jones LP will always be 'Live At The Talk Of The Town'(a truly great record) but each and every Tom Jones up until the post-disco age has at least one track where, perhaps for only a few seconds, he either breaks your heart, moves your hips or springs a sonic surprise. We love him.

So, from a recent telex detailing some of Mr. Unmann's current viewing and listening favourites, please find attached for your perusal: Unmann's Choice -

- first up, here's the Jones boy with the incredibly talented Sammy Davis, Junior. They mess about and have a sing song and it's marvellous. The clip comes from Tom's hit US TV show 'This Is Tom Jones', which featured a mind boggling array of guest stars and Tom chucking himself about like a whirling dervish at a warehouse party.


Another day, another duet with a genius. I love the impromptu nature of this clip - it's not in the least bit slick but it's extremely entertaining and both TJ and SW are in typically fine voice.

Nexus: Sir Sammy Davis of Junior, on 'This Is Tom Jones', grooving and swinging a Stevie Wonder number. We don't just chuck this stuff together, you know. Only Sammy would think 'right, I'm about to sing and dance vigorously in front of millions of people, I think I'll light a fag'.

Here's an oddity: Tom Jones Rejected Image Number 1. Many years ago, Unmann's Mum said she could remember Tom Jones when he had a pony tail and, experts that we were, we assumed that she was actually thinking of P.J Proby. We were wrong, Mrs. U, apologies to you.

More Tom soon. He's a genius.

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