Saturday, 12 June 2010

A hole where I'll find darkness

Why, after thirty years, have I started liking The Stranglers? Because in a time where everyone is afraid, and angry and fucked up they sound terribly contemporary all of a sudden? This clip has everything: incongruity, nihilism, facial hair, analogue electronics and Peter pissing Powell.

A live version of 'Down In The Sewer' where they lock into a groove that is part Can, part Status Quo.

They cheat on the clock, but this track could have been recorded yesterday, or tomorrow, although it was actually recorded in 1979.

The Stranglers are cool.


Anonymous said...

I always liked the Stranglers (I suppose it helps that I was 10 in 1978): the music is much more interesting than they were generally given credit for, and there is something very appealing about their Cromaganon-Thug-meets-Aesthete feel...

Of course, my wife absolutely hates them...

(Ace blog, by the way)


Reimer said...

Good choice: older and more rounded than most of the sneering brats they get lumped in with, like the very different Ian Dury & the Blockheads.

'Nuclear Device' is a little fierce-Prog epic.