Thursday, 17 June 2010

Shire Fact Number Nineteen

'Action Man is an extrovert character, and can be supplied with all manner of different equipment, neatly packaged and sold separately, for such virile pursuits as fighting, space travel, polar exploration (complete with husky dogs), diving and mountaineering'.

From 'Discovering Toys and Toy Museums' by Pauline Flick, 1971.

When I first saw this advert as a kid, some wee came out.


guttersnipe said...

i had all those, including the capture copter, apart from Tom Stone. in fact i have no recollection of there being a black action man. but oh how i loved atomic man. he was special, oh yes.

jonny mendelsson said...

That takes me back! Thanks.

I remember my mum saying I could have the Action man, training tower when I could swim a width! Me and my mate were beside ourselves when we came out of the pool, because there in the boot of our mustard Austin Allegro 1300 was the incredible training tower.