Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Punk on demand

I've never believed in God, but I have quite often bought Library LP's from the nineteen eighties, which requires just as much faith and a similar disregard for rationality.

They're almost always awful, either sounding like incidental music for a Paul Nicolas sitcom or a crappy synth suite for a training video on how to navigate the toll bridges of Belgium.

'Hunk Of Punk' by Graham Preskett is from a 1981 KPM Library called 'Sunburst'. The rest of the album is terrible but there's something about this funny little track that makes me smile. Described as 'heavy, aggressive punk' on the sleeve, it's absolutely nothing of the sort, of course, but it is fast and loud and better than 75% of yer actual punk bands.

Hard to imagine what this could soundtrack, apart from a kid's game show with lots of gunging or perhaps a manic interlude followed by a complete nervous breakdown.

Bizarrely, I played this to a roomful of children a few weeks ago and they spontaneously started to pogo.


Reimer said...

Ah, Punk: the most overrated Pop Culture strand of all, still bigging itself up 30-odd years later and responsible for a whole raft of sneering would-be-revolutionary gobshites now firmly esconced in the cultural-management professions.

And Nick Cave in Sunday supplements galore, sharing his latterday maturity with his self-absorbed progeny.

I recently picked up a compilation of Punk & New Wave covers by anonymous hacks priced 99p in Morrisons. Very apt. Do not pay more.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Another crap punk post later in the month.