Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hour of the Wolf

It may be just my age, but new music is mainly rubbish these days, isn't it?

To every stupid sweeping statement from an out of touch middle aged man there are exceptions, of course, with Wolf People being one of the most notable to this one.

Wolf People are a proper rock group, with guitars and flutes and beards and tunes and interesting time signatures, that call to mind the very best of sixties and seventies prog, folk, jazz, psych and rock. Yet, despite their obvious love of all things musty and past, they never pastiche or parody: to them an influence is just that, not a blueprint to rip off and cheapen. I think they're great.

Their debut LP 'Tidings' gathered together some brilliant singles and early tracks; their first full studio album is imminent. Look out for it.

By the way, the band themselves are pretty hairy, but are baby faces in comparison to the gentleman pictured. I'd like to meet his Tailor.

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