Saturday, 1 May 2010

RADIOPHONIC MONTH: Sound House music

As you should bloody know by now, the whole of May is Radio-
phonic Month on this here weblog. Now, we’re assuming that you know what that means simply by virtue of your innate intelligence and obvious good taste but you may be a little sketchy on some of the details.

We Also Have Sound Houses’ is a 1983 BBC Radio 4 documentary that was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and outlines the illustrious history of the Workshop to date.

It’s a fascinating and informative document made at a time when all of the principals (and principles) of the Workshop were alive and the Workshop was still a viable institution that the BBC were actually proud of.

Obviously, the documentary doesn’t forsee that work would be increasingly outsourced to cut costs or that the Workshop itself would be ignominiously packed away in 1998 but that’s actually a good thing, because that would make me sad and angry.

Happily, the Workshop’s legend is too strong to be diminished by short sighted bureaucrats, and its ongoing place in history is assured. If I ever see John Birt, however, I'm going to kick his head in.


Reimer said...

Thanks a lot for this - I've been waiting for a torrent of this to kick into life for weeks. looking forward to the rest of the month's festivities.

Billy N said...

Thank you for this - fantastic documentary!

rumpio said...

Directed a few people here. Thanks for the upload, long may it be downloadable :)