Monday, 24 May 2010

RADIOPHONIC MONTH: What in the name of God?

As an adjunct to 'The Legend Of Hell House' post over at the ever excellent 'Toys and Techniques', I've put together a longer mix of the soundtrack; it's short on running time, low on stereo fidelity, high on creepy atmosphere and disembodied voices.

As you may know, the music and effects were produced by Dame Delia Derbyshire (I've just promoted her, she deserves it) and Brian Hodgson as part of their short-lived company, Electrophon Ltd. Sadly, this was the only film that they worked on.

Here's a trailer for the film as an added added bonus. Reduced to two and a half minutes, it verges on the comic in its intensity but I still think it's one of the most frightening films ever made, and I've watched loads.


Reimer said...

A chiller of a film. I always wondered how much the familiar-looking character actor who played the power-source baddy got paid just to keep still in his sole scene at the end. Or was it a dummy?

Unmann-Wittering said...

Michael Gough. It wouldn't have been 'Batman' money, but he did a voiceover as well and this was his 'appear in anything' period, so shall we say £1800?