Saturday, 8 May 2010


An Auton bursts through plate glass, dressed like Leslie Phillips after a bath -

his awful, empty eyes scan a bus queue
facsimile fingers flip and shoot out sudden, searing death -

they won’t get the number 47 now
their tea will go uneaten

Fear the Auton, and make it dead again
but do not hate this plastic puppet
for the violence is not of his volition
this mayhem is not his mess

It is the Nestene Consciousness.

'Auton' from 'The Doctor Is Dead' by Malcolm Douglas, Tangent Books, 1974.

Music by Dudley Simpson.


Nick said...

It looks like you have a div open somewhere. The blog does not look right.

Unmann-Wittering said...

Thanks, Nick. I'm hoping I've sorted it but it's difficult as I can't see what's wrong!

the saucer people said...

My gods, its been 36 years since I saw this clip and I completely forgot about it and yet it must have been forever imprinted on my six year old consciousness as my fight or flight neurochemistry surged the moment the dummies started moving!

Next to Delia, Dudley Simpson is the man whose soundtracks haunted my childhood dreams and for that I will be forever greatful!

A wonderful post and a wonderful blog, stumbled across it looking for the The Legend Of Hell House soundtrack & I am glad I did!

PS> anyone ever come across the DD horror soundtrack? I saw a couple of posts but the links are of course dead...I am pretty sure there has never been an "official" release so I imagine the soundtrack has been ripped from the film..anyone know if thats right/wrong?

PPS> Blog looks fine viewing it in Firefox

Unmann-Wittering said...

Yes, it's imprinted / seared across my memory too. Keep your eye on our colleague at 'Toys & Techniques': I think he's planning a 'Hell House' post with soundtrack attached.

Reimer said...

This scene left my little sister terrified of the big window displays in the town centre shops.