Sunday, 23 May 2010


I like John Milton, I like radio drama and I like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, so I'm quite fond of the Radio 4 version of 'Paradise Lost' with music and effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Here is an extract from the second of forty one twelve minute segments.

In this episode the fallen angel Satan awakens in Hell and summons up his legions.

In the same year, the BBC also produced a dramatisation of 'Paradise Regained' but, sadly, aside from the theme music, it has no Radiophonic input. Worth a listen though: Milton rocks.

The minimal and unobtrusive music and atmospheres were composed by Elizabeth Parker, a University Of East Anglia music graduate with a masters in electronics who joined the Workshop in 1980 and stayed until the bitter end.

The illustration is by William Blake, a man of such genius that I am actually embarrassed to share a page with him.

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