Monday, 17 May 2010

RADIOPHONIC MONTH: From the depths

Whilst The Master watches ‘The Clangers’
webbed fingers rub at large eyes –

the long, wet sleep is over

O shell-less turtles dressed like tea bags
why have you swapped the globigerina ooze for sand,
the comforting sea for hostile land?

Shuffle back into the surf, Sea Devil
you missed your window and there’s nothing you can do
except to return to the deep
and go to sleep

Extract from ‘Dear Devil’ from 'The Doctor Is Dead' by Malcolm Douglas, Tangent Books, 1974

Please watch this clip - pure Radiophonic magic, at teatime, on a Saturday. Some great cape action kicking off all over, too.


Reimer said...

Among the ugliest/scariest foes Pertwee faced. Combining such merciless mingers with the recurrent theme of long-dormant horror in out-of-the-way places,topped with the shudder-inducing organically-writhing title sequence makes 70s DW something like a Junior Quatermass (praise not criticism)

Unmann-Wittering said...

Absolutely, the Pertwee years have a sense of dread about them, with the Earth constantly under attack from space, from under the ground from under the sea - I always used to wonder what would happen if the Doctor hadn't been there. I believe that the new Doc is meeting the Sea Devils again on Saturday evening...

Unmann-Wittering said...

Scrub that, he's meeting the Silurians. But they are cousins.