Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We are one

It’s the 13th of April, and it is exactly one year since we started this internet based endeavour.

What a time we’ve had!

Remember the posts about David Bowie, Havergal Brian, Kevin Rowland’s arse? What about the mixes, oh, and the Vogon nearly falling off the little train? Marvellous.

The memories will last a lifetime, assuming we retain our mental faculties up until death and nothing more interesting comes along to push all this stuff out.

Thanks to all of you that have shown an interest over the last twelve months. Stick around, there's at least another fortnight in us.


A Sound Awareness said...

Go go gorilla!

King Modulator said...

belated congratulations Herrs U-W!

and what a year it's been eh?

part of me is still shaking in a corner after that ICI fabrics commercial - thought I was OK but then Paul Nicholas sent me right back into the darkness...

keep it up chaps!