Friday, 19 March 2010

Take Cary

Trunk Records are without doubt my favourite functioning record label. Everything they release, re-release or find in a skip, clean up and unleash on the world is always of the highest calibre and I love them very much.

Case in point, a new Tristram Cary compilation, 'It's time for Tristram Cary' which, for obvious reasons, I heartily endorse.

The compilation collects unjustly obscure works for 'film, television, exhibition and sculpture' and is available on either CD or LP (be quick with the vinyl, it's limited) or, if you're like me, on CD and LP. You can't be too careful with artefacts like this.

You can get it direct from Trunk here now, or from the usual online and real world outlets at the end of the month. Don't let the grass grow.

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