Monday, 8 March 2010

Fire crackle mountain

Tadanori Yokoo was born in 1936 and is one of Japan’s most famous living artists.

Active since the early sixties, he began as a stage designer for avant garde theatre productions before moving into commercial graphic art where his brash and iconic imagery closely aligned him with the worldwide pop art movement.

In the late sixties he travelled to India and expanded his mind, both spiritually and chemically, and his work became decidedly psychedelic. Since 1981, he has been working as a fine artist, and has achieved international renown.

As well as all this, Yokoo also made a handful of great animated films, the very greatest of which is ‘Kachi Kachi Yama’ (1965). In less than ten minutes, and in full, vibrant colour, Yokoo gives us the thrilling tale in which Liz Taylor is brutally murdered by sex-obsessed lovers Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot, and a grief-stricken Richard Burton and The Beatles relentlessly track the killers to exact deadly revenge.

It’s probably the greatest film synopsis of all time, and I wish somebody had been brave enough to give
Yokoo a go at directing ‘Yellow Submarine’...

I'm very grateful to El Sporto for hipping me to this mini filmic masterwork in the first place. Cheers, Martin!


lightactivity said...

This is great stuff, Paul. Such a weird and wonderful film.

A Sound Awareness said...

Glad you liked it.