Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ye olde space music

Because the BBC Radiophonic workshop are so indelibly linked with 'Dr. Who' it is often forgotten that a great deal of the music for the early years of the series came directly from the shelves of music libraries like Chappell and De Wolfe.

One of the most memorable of these ready made tracks is ‘Space Adventure’ by Martin Slavin, a composition that, in classic library fashion, is available in three different lengths and arrangements.

Most often featured in the Patrick Troughton era (1966-1969), ‘Space Adventure’ is a brilliant mix of eerie first wave electronics, orchestral bombast and downright odd-ness, and was memorably used to soundtrack the nefarious antics of the evil Cybermen, as evidenced below in this clip from 'The Tomb Of the Cybermen', first broadcast in 1967.

These early Dr Who episodes have such charm and atmosphere and, forty years on, extracts look, appropriately, like lost transmissions from another world and another time.

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