Thursday, 24 December 2009

Entente cordial

Contrary to what you may have read in 'Heat', this weblog will return on an at least weekly basis from January 1st 2010. New Year, new rules: we're widening our geographic and cultural scope, pedal binning the potted histories and biographical bullshine and simply concentrating on shining a laser pointer on the music, films, books, actors, places and ephemera we love, and then trying to express just what it is we love about the blooming stuff.

We reserve the right to push our own music and other projects once in a while, and you retain the right to ignore it and carry on wishing we'd do a 5,000 word piece on 'Gonks Go Beat'. We might well do that, actually, that's absolutely our sort of thing.

For now, please enjoy Van Der Graaf Generators wigged out pomp prog version of George Martin's 'Theme One'. Why this track? Why now? Why not and when else?

See you in the Year Of The Tiger, tiger.

Dick & Ray

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