Monday, 21 September 2009

Polarity reversed

Yet another second hand mix, Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow was originally put together for the Very Good Plus forum as my response to the question ‘Dr Who Music: Any Good?’

Focusing on the years 1963-1974, the mix features all of the usual suspects, plus some of the library artists used in the very earliest episodes of the show.

Originally broadcast on The Garden Of Earthly Delights internet radio show, I am very grateful to Shane and all his listeners for their interest, and urge readers of this weblog and lovers of interesting music to check out the programmes for themselves. We (Unmann-Wittering that is) will also be recording a session for the show early next year.

The mix title is derived from the Third Doctor’s all purpose answer to anything technical, a phrase invented by writer Terrance Dicks to save Jon Pertwee from tying himself in knots with techno babble. The phrase itself is almost completely meaningless. Get it here, full tracklisting in comments.

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Track listing:

Introduction: Dr. Who & The Silurian
Delia Derbyshire: Dr. Who Theme
Tristram Cary: City Music
Brian Hodgson: The Prison
John Baker: The Invasion
Brian Hodgson: Sensorite Speech Background
Brian Hodgson: Brain Centre Atmosphere
Delia Derbyshire: Blue Veils & Golden Sands
Tristram Cary: Mutants XV
Tristram Cary: Mutants XXI
Brian Hodgson: Axons Approach
Delia Derbyshire: Chromophone Band
Tristram Cary: The Time Destruction
Brian Hodgson: The Master
Brian Hodgson: The Sea Devils Take The Prison
John Baker: Muzak
Delia Derbyshire: The Delian Mode
Martin Slavin: Space Adventure
Roger Roger: Blast Off!
Tristram Cary: Leaving Desperus
Tristram Cary: Mutants XIV
Brian Hodgson: Sea Chase
Brian Hodgson: The Beach
Brian Hodgson: The Fish People
Brian Hodgson: A Few More Fish People
Tristram Cary: The Experiment
Carey Blyton: In The Caves
Carey Blyton: Deep Space
Tristram Carey: Mutants X
Delia Derbyshire: Dr. Who Closing Theme