Saturday, 26 September 2009

Gently, like thistledown

Jack Hargreaves is a friend of ours. Figuratively, anyway: We never met the man, he’s dead now, and we’ve done bad things in his name and desecrated his memory.

Most famous for his television appearances on kids science show ‘How?’ and his own long-running country life series ‘Out Of Town’, Jack was a hunting, shooting, fishing, pipe smoking, beard stroking, open space loving, tweed wearing machine, an expert on any number of subjects from water divining to thatch roofing to donkey husbandry.

Jack was always relaxed and authoritative: he knew what he was talking about, and knew that you were interested enough to listen. On his series of LP’s (Know Your Fish, Know Your Pony, Know Your Dog & Country Walking) Jack can occasionally be heard sucking on his pipe, or supping from either a mug of tea or a flagon of ale (either interpretation would be right): cool, relaxed and in his element.

Initially undertaken as part of a Very Good Plus covers project that fizzed for a while then fizzled out, ‘Through a Hedge, Backwards’ is our interpretation of ‘John Barleycorn Must Die’, and was intended as a tribute to Jack. Somewhere along the line, that went wrong. Notable as the first ever Unmann-Wittering track to be completed (or abandoned, depending on your point of view), we hope we will be forgiven our trespasses as we forgive those that whatnot against us.

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