Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A force for good

Dave Tyack only lived for 24 years, but he made a lot of interesting music in a short time, and looked set to achieve a good deal more until his untimely and tragic death seven years ago.

A multi-instrumentalist, arranger, maths graduate and artist, Dave seemed permanently full to the brim with music, so much so that he needed several bands and projects to spread himself across, and many of his Twisted Nerve label mates benefited from his boundless energy and desire to help, whether it was in writing, recording or simply playing loud drums with a carefree intensity.

My favourite Dave Tyack record is an LP recorded under his ‘Dakota Oak’ nom-de-plume, 2001’s ‘AM Deister’. A brilliantly ragged, lo-fi, charming record, it has 26 tracks, many of which only stick around for a few seconds, but sparkle like diamonds in coal dust. Inspired by his childhood living on the edge of the massive Deister Forest in Germany, the album mixes skewiff oompah music and waltzes and pretty, occasionally wonky acoustic guitar pieces. The tone is often dark, but the feel is more of early morning than dead of night. Packed with ideas, it’s the sound of an idiosyncratic artist having fun and stretching out a bit.

In 2002, Dave disappeared whilst on holiday in Corsica. Two years later, his remains were recovered from a ravine where he had apparently fallen to his death whilst out walking.

are presenting three ‘Am Deister’ tracks here: 'Buses & Girls (Part One)', 'How Heavy A Heart Is Mine!' and 'Sing', featuring a multi-tracked Dave Tyack on charming, wavering vocals.

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George Kramer said...

Welcome back gentlemen.

Never heard of this guy Tyack but these three tracks are excellent. Thanks.