Saturday, 9 May 2009

Magic sponge

Various Magic Noises 3: Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan is the third and (to date) last in a series of mixes that I originally made for the Very Good Plus Forum. Big on ambience, low on cohesion and purpose, I hope that you enjoy it and use your psychic aerials to send Unmann and I some good vibrations. Track listing in comments.

Magic fact 3: British magician Alan Alan nearly died in 1949 when he buried himself alive and failed to escape as promised. His middle name is also Alan. Probably.

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Unmann-Wittering said...

Intro: Straight On Til Morning
Ron Grainer: The Omega Man
Bernard Parmegiani: Generique
Hal Blaine: Inner Space (October)
Organisation: Milk Rock
Lalo Schifrin: Introit
Staff Carpenborg & The Electric Corona: Stainy Heavy Needles
John Baker: The Caves Of Steel
Hot Legs: All God’s Children
Roy Wood: Miss Clarke & The Computer
Kraftwerk: Morgenspaziergang
David Shire: Theme From ‘The Conversation’
Keith Emerson: Rose’s Descent Into the Cellar
Stanley Myers: Spender’s Anger / One Of Us
Derek Wadsworth: Electro Theme
Tod Dockstader: Float Down
Sounds Nice: Love You Too
Music De Wolfe: Country Haze
Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg: Something In The Water
The Kinks: Strangers
I Marc 4: Love Theme