Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Web of sound

Spider and the Flies are a spin-off group featuring members of The Horrors, the lurching punk goth trash pop whatnot band that wear their influences on their black and white striped sleeves and polarise opinion. Although The Horrors own music is fairly one-dimensional, their real importance may be in the impact they have on turning their large teenage following onto the interesting music (Joe Meek, the Cramps, Krautrock, garage punk) they enthuse about in their interviews. Spider and The Flies may be prove to equally influential, although it’s a potentially very odd (but interesting) world where the kids are all listening to Iannis Xenakis and forming bands that wear white lab coats and build their own oscillators.

Mini LP ‘Something Clockwork This Way Comes’ is part BBC Radiophonic Workshop, part banging techno and part screaming migraine, and could be described as 21st century pop musique concrete. Many of the tracks appear to be just the band (and ex-Add N to X man Barry 7) messing about with noise making machines, recalling the pioneer days of electronics where it took six months of soldering and splicing to achieve sound, without worrying about turning it into a catchy melody.

The best track is probably the first: ‘Million Volt Light’, where formless wibbling grows in volume and intensity before falling into a diminuendo final section that is reminiscent of the sinister electronic atmospheres Tristram Carey created for William Hartnell-era Dr. Who.

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