Saturday, 25 April 2009

Magic is afoot

Various Magic Noises, Volume One: Concrete Cave (to give its full Kennel Club name) is a mix originally made for and posted on the marvellous Very Good Plus forum, the nearest I’ve ever got to having a Club in town.

It’s a compilation of tracks that have no particular unifying theme, but seem to fit together nicely, and combines film soundtracks, library music, an Unmann-Wittering track and the French. For any followers of this blog that look for recurring motifs, Messers Bowie and Kirchin are present and correct.

Tracklisting in comments.

Magic fact one: Magician Ali Bongo's real name was William Wallace, and he was not Arabian. That's two facts.

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Unmann-Wittering said...

Bernard Herrmann: Prelude
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters: The Womb Bit
Delia Derbyshire: Mattachin
Patrice Sciortino: Psycho-Plan
The Homecoming
Les Baxter: Cult Party
Derek Scott: Sounds Unusual
Music De Wolfe: Lady Holden Reeve
Camille Sauvage: Magma
Tony Barthele: The Ghost & The Bass
John Baker: Banshee Boogie
Reg Tilsley: First Bouquet
Giboulin et Giboulette (Excerpt)
Francois de Roubaix: Le Voyage De Dominique
Jean-Yves Tourbin: Le Boumerang
Vincent Gemignani: L'Oiseau Sans Pieds
Camille Sauvage: Ectoplasme
Francois de Roubaix: Jeff
Francoise Hardy: Garden Of Jane Delawney
Le Système Crapoutchik: All What I Have
David Brown: Willy Reverb
Daphne Oram: In A Jazz Style / Lego Builds It
Unmann-Wittering: Massed Gadgets
Jack Nitzche: Rolls Royce & Acid
Sounds Nice: Flying
Tracy: Strange Love
David Bowie: There Is A Happy Land
Basil Kirchin: Fugue