Thursday, 16 April 2009

Carey, Carey, Carey

Carey Blyton described himself as a Miniaturist, a composer that specialised in short orchestral scores and incidental music. Working primarily from the early sixties up until the early nineties, Carey wrote prolifically for film documentaries (like ‘Aerosols: What? Why? How?’), television (including commercials) and music libraries, and composed a number of mini-operas and chamber pieces for performance in schools.

In a move indicative of more enlightened and adventurous times, the BBC hired Carey to write the music for three Dr. Who serials, ‘Dr. Who & The Silurians’ (1970), ‘Death To The Daleks’ (1974) and ‘Revenge of The Cybermen’ (1975). In a contrast to the electronic Radiophonic music most associated with the show at this time (although the Workshop did electronically treat some of his recordings), Carey scored his music for woodwind, brass and a variety of archaic and unusual instruments, allowing the unique experience of a Silurian entering a scene to the strains of a crumhorn, and a Dalek attack accompanied by a saxophone quintet.

Carey died in 2002, leaving behind a legacy of work that is yet to be sympathetically compiled. He is probably best known to younger readers as the composer of the ‘Bananas In Pyjamas’ theme to the terrifying TV show of the same name.


Anonymous said...

Really loving this blog. (I'm secretly writing down all these references for my wants list). I
would love to hear a snippet of the Blyton magic if you have one.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, I just realized there were links!