Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Basil Kirchin is our friend

Of all the fantastic music that Trunk Records has introduced us to over the last ten years, I am most thankful for their series of amazing Basil Kirchin releases which, according to latest reports, isn’t quite finished yet. I find it difficult to summarise how I feel about Basil’s music as it's an emotive subject for me: it isn’t always an easy listen but, no matter how far out it gets, you can always sense the care taken, the intelligence behind the experimentation, the burning desire to say something new, and that makes it, for me, some of the most joyful, most exhilarating music made in the 20th century.

Basil died in 2005, but did so in the knowledge that his music was being appreciated by its widest ever audience, something that Jonny Trunk can be inordinately proud of.

In a poorly timed but no less sincere tribute to Basil, I’d like to share two tracks with you, both presented in ‘demo’ form. ‘Sketch 2’ is from the Trunk release ‘Charcoal Sketches / State of Mind’, and is a beautiful jazz tinged and wildlife laden (Exotic birds? Noisy monkeys?) melody that does the incredible thing of making me feel glad to be alive as I listen to it on my daily traipse to work. The second track is the first Unmann-Wittering song to be posted here, ‘Threnody for Basil Kirchin’: an inadequate tribute to a great man and musical visionary much missed by us and a great many other right thinking persons. It's not
much, but it is heartfelt.

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